When the rains fall

Every whisper of au revoir by the sunset
Is an evanescing memory of you
Punning my spirit into shivers
With fist of wanting fondness

The frosty breeze comes a pirate
Vaporizing sweetness in my jarred love
Every touch of you, is dissipation of matter
That gets nicked in clouds overshadowing aloft

A fluttering mien like a pigeon in a dovecote
I stand without words, rapt in countless reveries
I am starved enthusiast inhumed in total silence
Watching you furlough in squandering glances

The hazy view of your flying fumes smothers eulogy
Disavowing a poet, the spirit of focus and originality
My head shall never point beneath, for you live skyward
I hope my love arrives like a roaring cascade, when the rains fall
           Copyright Aboagye Joseph © 2019

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