i don't know what else to do again
o' man to get this love .
i wisttle like a parrot to her
till my beak get melt .
oh! man i have sing like celin dion
to her hearing till my lungs catch fire.
yes indeed when i coefficeint my love with her's .
yet she don't find it common nor collect the like terms to balance the equation .
when i intentionally pour on my self acid before her present .
only to buy her concern yet she showed me none then throw her back to me .
even when my eyes get feeble for
i set my eyes on her yet she pretend not to see me
i even pour on my self the most
costly perfume so as to get my present to her cognizance when ever i pass by yet all is to no avail .
copyright @okoro
hyacinth maxibless

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