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Hands struggling to free the chains,
Bounded by the roots from which I was born,
I hear the thundering cries,
Of my mother’s survival (Jeni Ayn)
Hunger... Always in my bossom,
Like a flower that's beginning to wither,
I promised myself I'll blossom,
Worked hard and smart in the rain and sun wether I was warm or cold with a shiver. (Alayo Stephen)
Shivering rain beating on my skin,
Scorching sun, burning my soul,
Hunger turning into starvation,
Dreams toiled with motivation,
Blossoming my only dedication (Jeni Ayn)
My mother's cries and wails, my only motivation,
I worked tirelessly... I'll be her salvation,
I fought time and space... That was mandatory,
Then I made it in life but Mama's gone like water been sucked by a tree. (Alayo Stephen)
I wonder if mother can hear her own wisdom,
Breezing through the ancient trees,
If her eyes are the stars that see,
The fruits of my dreams,
If she can hear the laughter of
My brothers and sisters,
Mama, I cry,
But I only hear my own whisper (Jeni Ayn)
I guess she's not so far away for I still hear her,
Her heartbeat in accordance and corresponding with mine like we'll be one forever after,
Well I guess that wouldn't be too bad for I can't live without her,
I know she's in me for in my life, there's a new chapter. (Alayo Stephen)
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