In the old golden days
Humanity was cherished like the first borns
Kindness was paid with kindness
Generosity was not demanded 
Love was the only language Africans knew
People had mercy on the weak in the society
People joined hands and helped wholeheartedly
People were people
People were human
Screams meant a life needed saving
Or the community was in danger
Everyone came immediately
If it was an accident , the victims were taken care of immediately
Life was precious
In the old golden days
Happiness was communal
Caring was the first word in their dictionary
Everyone cherished everything they had
I lack a perfect adjective for our current state
Where humanity is not in peoples minds
Where kindness have to be demanded
Where generosity is only witnessed in give and take situations
The first response to an accident
Is a million pictures in social media
From citizens pretending to be 'human'
While the victims suffer
While the victims bleed to dead
Its not a wonder to find an A student selling charcoal in the market
Its not news to find sick child dying while people roam the streets
Their pockets overloaded with cash
Africans are shaming the governments
Saying that they fails to deliver
That they wasted their day and votes
But if you can't deliver yourself
If you can't be a real African
If you can't practise the simple virtue of humanity
What do you expect from others ?
Words from my soul

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