Mr. Politician

I am writing you this letter
With my fingers closed
Hoping that you open it
Silently praying that you will read it
Before famished bones consume the last layer of my flesh
Before my bleeding heart bleed my life out
I hope I am not asking too much
Just a drop of water to snuff out the torrid fire in my throat
Just a slice of bread to nourish my brain
Mr. Politician
I would have quenched the thirst with the last drops of my woeful tears
But see, there is drought in my eyes
Am trying to crying to cry
But only pain is leaving my eyes
For three days
I have sucked withered breasts of my mother's carcass lying in dust
I have languished in the water in her breast
As the scorching sun scorch my skin away
Mr politician,
All this time
Vultures have been giving me grabby stare from a distance
Their mouth watering at the thought of my dying skin
Waiting ravenously for my breath to fade away
For my last heartbeat
So they can feast on my bony carcass
Mr politician
I remember when you came to our village
three years ago
With gifts and promises
My mother and her friends were shouting your name
With hope in their heart
That that year, would be the last to loose to hunger
But now hunger have smiled its arms to my mothers soul
Mr politician,
Don't you see that you got one vote less
Don't you realise that if all of us die
There will be nowhere to come back to
Save me, save me from premature death
Unload something from your bulging pockets
Ease something from your inflated stomach
Prove to me, that humanity inside your heart
Assure me , that you are not a murderer
© cliff the poet &magi-words from my soul

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