Wow! No lady has ever touched my heart with your spell. You make me blush as a young child falling in love for the first time. I can't count how many times your write-up made me laugh hysterically. The way you sculpted your heart and put it down in writing was even beyond my imagination. You have taken me places with your love.
Who gave you this gift? Please teach me this art so I can be your student in the world of love. Your imagery is awesome and captivating.
If I were to describe my appreciation of your lovely write-up, I'm sure the power of love will neutralize me because I'm drowned in your charm.
Believe me, love is beautiful and I see it through you. I feel showered by the utterances of affection, raining my deserted world of emptiness and loneliness. I feel like reaching your bossom with no transportation.
Let me know how you've nurtured this love for a son of man like me. I see the pulchritude of mother of Africa protrude its elegance in your speech.
If I say I'm speechless, that's just an understatement. Please release me from your sweet chains of pure ecstacy.
You've taught me something new about love.
I wish to hear more from you.
©Ogomigo Roland

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