Island Princess

I am Princess Benedia, the daughter of the King of the jungle, served by 30 maids in the Akamenko kingdom. My father, the king, had me and my maid vacated his precarious domicile under his fearful roars.

We seem to have different looks at life. “You’re the princess of a great Kingdom! Be different! My daughter, you must follow the paces of your father, be venturesome!” These are the flames of his mouth, tormenting the ideal lady inside me.
I am not disobedient; I just want to have a taste of life, like anyone else does. The lady, who understands the why behind my decision, had revealed how the Lion can be treacherous and flagitious to be engaged in such games.

I am, no more the Princess of a Kingdom, but an Island. Resting in the belly of peace and freedom, and living the exact life I wished for. Although my dreams are born but matured, I believe I will someday affect others with my contagious love and affection.

My maid, Dorothy, is drowned in fears. “The guards will never spare my life, when we’re caught by those wrathful bullets sent to us,” she cries. Forty-eight hours ago, the queen ordered to act with her dispatch, “You must be cautious, the whole kingdom is shaking under his mighty roars. He has sent for you!’’ she alarmed.
           AND THIS IS HOW MY SOTRY BEGUN… Copyright © 2019 Aboagye Joseph

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