Island Princess 2

The Princess has hardly enjoyed her nights to her satisfaction. Dorothy, who seem to have sensed the mares of the princess has been spending most of her times diverting her wallowing mind to fun.

Princess: Dorothy, I’ve been having a devil of time these days.

Dorothy: (Clears her throat) My Princess, I have been noticing how you hardly close your eyes in a sleep. Even, the little sleep that you have, it is obvious that your mind’s eye could still be awakened. Have you regretted vacating your father’s palace?

Princess: (Yells) Renounce your words! Even if I should exhaust my breath of life on this Island, I want to be planted in this same soil. Never shall I surrender.

Dorothy: (Bows) Pardon my mistake, my Princess.

Princess: (Taps her shoulder) I am sorry Dorothy; I was supposed to act patiently.

Dorothy: No problem my Princess, I understand.

Princess: I know how dangerous my father, the daring king, can be. If he finds out that we have come to seek refuge on this Island, he doesn’t mind burying the whole Kingdom in the deepest dungeon. He will scrutinize the land till no stone is left unturned. I don’t want to be the downfall of this young kingdom, and that is what I pray for.

Dorothy: My Princess, I think you are perceiving things the other way round. At least, we have the consent of the King and his people now. We have been welcomed in peace, and they seem to cherish our presence.

Princess: (Chants) Oh, innocent fertile land, the home of peace and forest of justice. You are groomed in beauty and soaked in kindness. Resting alone on the sea is not a sign of selfishness, but to show how fierce you can be. Alone, you have conquered storms to give homes to your people. You made a covenant, to love peace and tolerate every noise but nuisance. In your belly I have come to rest, in your abode I have sought refuge, please forbid the wicked one from reaching Damascus.

Dorothy: (Grabs her hand) My Princess, I know you are audacious, very invulnerable to fear or intimidation. If you trust in yourself, then you must be rest assured we are safe.
… The story continues…
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