If I ever see you again

Back in the days
When all we did was play
Nothing was too serious
Everything they did for us.
Down memory lane
With pebbles and sticks we used to play,
To me they were pretend games
But in ur heart,it wasn't same.
When you said you loved me,
I thought u addressed the actor in me,
You actually meant the real me,
Foolish me,I couldn't see!!!.
You gave me the signs
But I didn't comply;
Was too young I guess
Didn't know what love meant.
Its been years since I saw you last,
How time flies,yeah too too fast!!.
Don't know if u still recall the past
But memories of u live in my heart.
And if I see u ever again,
That moment won't go in vain;
I'll plead with you to complete my days,
If I ever see you again!!.
Neba Terry
Copyright reserved

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