Health Is The Ultimate Wealth.

Death,and not sickness is a debt we humans owe.

At the hospital,
There are vegetables, sickness is biting like the edge of a circumcision blade.

Each day, they wake up with strings of pain
And stinking sweats flood their foreheads.

They are having a seizure!

At the hospital
There are vegetables, sickness is clawing to invite death to come over

Each day they steal courage to knot the muscles
of their arms in anticipation of being Okay.

They breath different air

At the hospital
There are vegetables, sickness looks of derision at those showing signs of being on the mend

Each day, well wishers spit recovery orison
But it looks like the prayers are unanswerable

They weep like someone afraid to die

At home
There are mothers
That rinse prayers
For their sick children
To recuperate

There is dust on our line...

Each day, I feel like God...
I would will myself to fall not in the sick bracket...

May we be shielded from the captivity of the sickness!

Umar Usman T. Giwa

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