I have come far to nowhere
Giving up everything for nothing
A nestling without wings
I wobble with pain in vain

I left home and everything lovely
The peace, the respect and the family
Life’s nothing but a treacherous game
To die in vain or return home in shame

I see, but nothing’s apparent
I hear, but nothing’s coherent
Let out, o wind, the beauty of home
Fly me away to my land like an aerodrome

O, blinded outlander in the middle of nowhere
An alien goggling like an owl to see nothing clear
Who will show me my amiable root?
Who will take me to my country road?

Carry me on your wings, o dear wind
Give me a lift to cause my fears sink
Drown my sorrow in the deep dungeon
Take me with you and fly me home

         Copyright © 2019 Aboagye Joseph

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