Falling planets

This can't be true,
You've been too blue
But made it through
And your smile still lit my days,
It still does tho I see it not,I feel it in other ways.
I've paved too many ways
For you to be flapping your wings,
Don't leave me hanging with pain,
Clinging on hope, you know I won't cope.
You fall out like this at times I know,
Sometimes it takes days but your never go cold.
Now my head is about to explode
When I think of the pain my heart ought to go through,
This chronic has you this time and it's true.
I watch you leave me to freezers alone,
But I can't take it so I ran away with you.
With this body of an Empress, I can't live without you.
Maybe insanity is nearing in but so is my end too.
The sky is blackening and I see fireballs coming through
The atmosphere, now that deceased they pronounce you.
The moon is red and the sun is dead,
Its only me and your body headed to no end
Hence I follow you in mind and now look at my hand!
Shaking and stirring what's in the mug looking so black,
The sort of black to eat up a man's stomach in few seconds.
I'm drinking that and then stare at these falling planets,
Lavitating to where your soul is at and my plan is
To save you there from this illness you caught on earth.
Save you from death because you are my world,
When you darpart the universe is wounded,
Planets crash and what ends is my world.

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