The beasts in the jungle all came to meet,
over mankinds' trouble,with help to meet.
Mankind; a creature so civilized,
yet,in nature,so tribalized.
mankind; a creature well schooled,
yet with nature so crude.
mankind;a creature of single earth region,
yet divided by multiple supreme religion.
mankind;a being of similar traits and grace,
yet divided by same similar traits as race.
mankind; a creature in search of God,
yet among themselves,each still poses as lord.
mankind; a delicate being that feel,
yet a creature without remorse when they kill.
mankind; a creature crafted by love,
yet,away from love,about they rove.
mankind; a creature of progress,live in shelter,
yet they grow in constant change not healthier.
mankind should seek the counsel of we animals,
at least with high intolerance so minimal.
for we are creatures of different forms,
yet we live in comfort in our open homes.
never a day we are,together in worship,
never a time we ever owned a warship.
never a day we live in family such as nuclear,
never a time among us,ever release the evil;nuclear.
never had we gone for another's language studies,
never had we been misunderstood for different animal bodies.
Francis Otole (c)2019#

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