ACTIVE SHOOTER (too soon?)

There's an active shooter in my heart today,

When I saw you walk into the mall.

But did I run for cover,

Or call 911?

No. I couldn't move at all.

That semi-automatic weapon,

That are your eyes,

Blasted round after round into my soul.

And each time I got hit,

The earth moved a little bit,

Until I was covered in holes.

But it wasn't my blood

That dribbled out on the floor,

But emotions long pent up inside.

It was just my sadness and longing for love--

The only thing that died.

Then I sank to my knees,

Felt all weak in my hips--

Just to bathe in your smile

And the curve of your lips.

When you brushed back your hair,

Cupid's task almost done--

You shattered my world,

As you re-loaded your gun.

You approached me at last,

As I lay on the floor.

I yelled, "Fill me with love!"

Then you shot me once more.

Your hand on my leg,

Told me, "Please sir, lay still,

I'm going for help.

I'll return soon. I will.

My lips had gone numb,

My whole body was cold.

As she ran off for help,

I did what I was told.

When security came,

I was up on my feet.

He said, "Not you again?!

That's the third time this week."

"I've been terrorized by love--

My old nemesis," I cried.

"Cupid's arrows struck deep!"

He said, "Take it outside."

"I'm tired of your drama,

And your mixed metaphors.

You're scaring the children--

Please head for the doors."

"If you want to meet chicks--

Here's what I was once told,

Don't tell them your lips just went numb

And you're cold.

If you think about romance

As a terrorist attack,

Your balls will haul ass,

And they ain't coming back.

And stop falling on the floor.

Just forget this charade.

You keep playing the victim--

You'll never get laid."

                     B. Kite - 8/8/2019

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